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Article: From the producer KAORI MATSUTA


From the producer KAORI MATSUTA

I grew up surrounded by kimonos from an early age and fell in love with them.

These days, the world is changing rapidly. .. ..

I would like people to once again incorporate traditional kimono into their daily lives, and feel it as part of a familiar culture.

We are creating this product with the SDGs in mind.

Antique and vintage items became unwearable around the 1950s.

It is made using kimono and obi.

We can help you create a space where you can feel the beauty of the colors and craftsmanship that are unique to kimonos.

I will be happy if you do.

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History of Tokiwaya

Tokiwa-ya was founded by Naokichi Matsuda in 1902 as a retail store for Merlins fabrics. After that, we started selling mainly kimonos as a kimono shop, but as the times changed, We will also ...

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KIMONO-PANELのインスタグラムもぜひフォローお願いいたします。 @KIMONO_PANEL1909  Please follow KIMONO-PANEL's Instagram.  

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