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Sale price¥16,500


Cranes have long been respected as a symbol of longevity.
It is also said that the relationship between husband 
and wife is very good and that they will be together
for the rest of their lives.

  • 素材 正絹(ビンテージ着物)100% 木枠
  • 付属品 ネジ2本 合皮ひも
  • 縦420mm、横305mm、高さ20mm
  • 送料 100サイズ
  • 重さ 約400g
  • 注文確定後、3日以内に発送
  • material  silk 100% , wood frame
  • accessories  2 screws, synthetic leather thong
  • vertical 16.5inch horizontal 12inch height 0.8inch
  • postage 100size
  • weight about400g
  • Shipped within 3 days after order confirmation

飛翔【正絹帯ファブリックパネル大】OPB-2 Sale price¥16,500